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Letters & Numbers System

Letters & Numbers System

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Unleash the power of hands-on learning with our Numbers and Letters Ultimate Learning Platform – the key to unlocking your child's potential!  


As a parent or teacher, you know the importance of phonic skills, letter and number recognition, and basic math facts in your child's educational journey. Elevate their learning experience with our vibrant and colorful platform designed for maximum engagement and knowledge retention.


Why settle for ordinary when you can provide an extraordinary learning adventure? Our powder-coated metal platform boasts dry erase capabilities, allowing for customized learning and reusability.


Say goodbye to traditional methods, and hello to an interactive and dynamic approach that sparks curiosity and enthusiasm in every child!


What makes our platform stand out?

It's not just a learning tool; it's a brain-boosting experience! 🧠 The vibrant colors stimulate the brain for optimal learning, ensuring that your child's educational journey is not only effective but also enjoyable.


Turnlearning into interactive adventure!



  • 1 (12"X12") Double-sided Learning Platform
  • 26 Magnets Letter Pieces (a-z)
  • 20 Magnet Letter Pieces (1-20 and three blanks for customization)
  • 5 Math Application Signs (+, x , ÷ and =)


Why wait? Invest in your child's future today!  Equip them with the tools for success and watch as they flourish with the joy of hands-on learning. Order now to revolutionize their education – because every child deserves a vibrant and stimulating path to knowledge!