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Complete Grow Brains System

Complete Grow Brains System

$468.99 Regular Price
$269.99Sale Price

Elevate your child's learning experience with the GBS Deluxe Learning System – a powerhouse of education, adventure, and fun!


This all-in-one package, offered by Grow Brains, combines the best of the GBS MONEY SKILLS GAME and GBS DINO SKILLS, providing a comprehensive and thrilling educational journey for your child at an unbeatable price!


Dive into the captivating world of finance with the GBS MONEY SKILLS GAME – where counting money becomes an exhilarating adventure! With a 20 X 20-inch rotating metal platform, 50 Taco Bell™ Money Skills game pieces, and 50 full-color illustrated 2-sided task cards, this immersive experience makes math workouts addictive. Unleash the power of learning in a fun and engaging way – one taco at a time!


Craving more excitement? Explore the ancient world with GBS DINO SKILLS, a game that takes your child on a prehistoric journey, brushing up on dinosaur vocabulary, pronunciation, and revealing fascinating facts about our planet's history. With a 20 X 20-inch rotating metal learning platform, 50 Dinosaur game pieces, laminated and magnetized, 50 full-color illustrated 2-sided Task Cards, and 9 individual placeholders, this adventure is both educational and enthralling.

But that's not all!


When you invest in the GBS Deluxe Learning System, you also get our Numbers and Letters Pack,  expanding the educational horizon for your child.  Plus, enjoy the convenience of a carrying case, making learning on the go a breeze!


Why settle for ordinary when you can have it all? Uncover the exciting worlds of finance, dinosaurs, numbers, and letters with friends and classmates. Scientifically proven to enhance learning, our system ensures that your child's brain works more powerfully when joy and fun are involved.


Don't miss out on this deluxe offer from Grow Brains! Order now to transform your child's education into a thrilling adventure – where learning meets unlimited possibilities! 



  • One 20 X 20-inch Rotating Metal Platform
  • 50 Taco Bell™ Money Skills Magnetized Board Space Pieces
  • 50 Money Skills Double-side Task Cards
  • 9 Money Skills Place Holders
  • 32 Magnatized Plastic Coins (Quarters, Nickels, Dimes and Pennies)
  • 50 Dinosaur Magnetized Board Space Pieces
  • 50 Dino Double-side Task Cards
  • 9 Dino Place Holders
  • 8 Taco Bell™ Dry Erase Menus for Customized Learning
  • 6 Dry Erase Reusable Word Puzzles
  • 2 (12"X10") Double Sided Metal Platforms (Letters and Numbers)
  • 26 Magnetized letters (a-z)
  • 20 Magnetized numbers (1-20)
  • 6 Blank Magnetized Pieces for Customization
  • 5 Magnetized Math Pieces (+, x , ÷ and =)
  • 1 Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap
  • 2 Die


*This product is not intended for small children. Please keep it out of reach of children who are prone to putting things in their mouths. The product contains small, magnetic pieces that may pose a choking hazard. Safety first!