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Grow Brains Game COMPLETE

Introducing the Complete GBG System Where Learning Meets Adventure!

Imagine a world where tacos not only satisfy your cravings but also help your child master the art of money counting effortlessly. We believe that understanding money is a cornerstone skill for our growing children. That's why we bring you the GBS Money Skills Game – an exciting way to learn this vital skill while having an absolute blast!

No more mundane math exercises! Get ready for an addictive learning experience that's as enjoyable as it is enlightening. The GBS Money Skills Game isn't just about numbers; it's about discovery and excitement. With eye-catching colors, specially designed quest cards, and play money, our game pulls it's player into an immersive world of adventure.

But wait, there's more!


You'll also get the GBS DINO SKILLS game, a thrilling adventure that takes your child back in time to an era of dinosaurs and breathtaking landscapes. Sharpening their dinosaur vocabulary, pronunciation, and indulge in fascinating facts about our planet's history and geology. Every move your child makes unveils new surprises, making learning a joyous exploration.

Sure, you could learn these facts from a textbook, but why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Join forces in exhilarating game sessions that uncover the wonders of dinosaurs, animals, geology, and history.


Science tells us that when joy is involved, our brains thrive – and that's exactly what GBS DINO SKILLS offers.

Are you ready to revolutionize the way your child learns? The Complete GBG System invites you to join an adventure where education meets excitement.


Discover the power of learning through play and embark on a journey that transforms your child into a knowledgeable explorer. Unleash your child's true potential and make every moment a memorable one.



  • One 20 X 20-inch rotating metal learning platform 

  • 26 TACO BELL Money Skills game pieces, laminated and magnetized

  • 51 Full color illustrated 2-Sided Task Cards (Money Skills)

  • 6 individual dinosaur place holders 

  • Plastic Coins: 6 quarters, 6 dimes, 6 nickels  & 6 pennies​

  • 6 individual coin place holders 

  • 35  Dinosaur game pieces, laminated and magnetized

  • 35 Full color illustrated 2-sided Task Cards

  • 1 Die

  • 1x (12 X 10 inch) 2-Sided metal learning platform, one side grid & one side dry-erase white board

  • 26 magnetized letters A - Z 

  • 20 magnetized numbers 1 - 20 

  • 6 blank dry erase white board squares for customization

  • 5 Math application signs   (+ -  x ÷  =)

Grow Brains Game COMPLETE

$439.99 Regular Price
$299.99Sale Price
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