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What is The Grow Brains Game?

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

GROW BRAINS SYSTEM is a remarkable hands-on interactive learning game platform developed and refined over 20 years by a highly experienced special education teacher and his middle school students. It is a comprehensive table-top game system that can allow a parent or teacher to instruct any subject, in any language.



The Grow Brains Game was created using cutting-edge, peer-reviewed cognitive neuroscience (innovative technology involving at least 3 patents!). Our game system was first tested hands-on in classrooms throughout Skid Row, California teaching children from homeless and adults in assisted living facilities throughout Los Angeles, CA.


My name is Bruce Ward and this is my story. I teach children and adults who typically do not respond well to traditional learning methods. Twenty years ago, I had a desire to teach my middle school students some typical money skills. Most special needs children/students have something called IEPs. Every IEP details strategies, strengths and weaknesses as well as important medical info. When I first began as a special needs teacher my student’s IEPs stated that learning basic money skills would be too difficult for my them to grasp. After spending some time with my students, I couldn’t accept that limitation. I KNEW that there HAD to be another way.

"Sensing their brilliance and potential, I felt I had to do something different and so I created the GROW BRAINS TACO BELL MONEY SKILLS Game"

Why Taco Bell? Hah! That’s a fun story actually...

One day, hoping to inspire my class to participate in the game, I offered my kids a (worthy and delicious) reward for mastering their money cognition skills. I told them that when would show me they could play the game successfully, I would take them to TACO BELL.

Ok, but I think I know what you’re thinking now...

“Isn't TACO BELL is a registered trademark and corporation? Is this even legal?”

Let me tell you... it’s truly amazing how things can come together! After a very successful implementation of this reward strategy (and countless field trips to Taco Bell) I decided to visit Taco Bell’s Headquarters and see if I could get official permission from the corporation (i.e. their legal department) to use and promote Taco Bell trademarks in conjunction of The Grow Brains Game.

Want to know what happened next?


In my experience, the majority of parents are not satisfied with the public-school education their special needs children receive. This is a good thing because indeed there is a much better way! That way is THE GROW BRAINS WAY! A learning game system and support community that fosters organic inspiration and joy for learning. When your child is enjoying an activity their brain and mind is far more malleable and effective. This isn’t a theory, but scientific fact.

Thank you for reading this first introductory post! We will continue to update this blog with helpful tips and actionable ideas that you can implement in your home or classroom and empower your special needs child to unleash their superpower potential!

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