Grow Brains Systems (GBS) is a tabletop board game system and learning platform, specially designed for children and adults with special learning needs. The GBS games are designed to offer authentically fun and inspiring ways to learn important life skills such as money counting and arithmetic, geography, history, word pronunciation skills and more!

Craving adventure? Discover an ancient world and meet the incredible creatures and exciting surprises lurking within! GBS DINO SKILLS is the game to brush up on your dinosaur vocabulary and pronunciation as well as learning some interesting facts about our beautiful planet and geological history. Move after move, the player is given a fun opportunities and tasks to learn new facts about our home planet Earth. 


It's true, one can learn these facts from a textbook and a quiz. But we say why not join an thrilling game adventure together with other friends/classmates and uncover the exciting world of Dinosaurs, animals, geology and history! Scientifically it is has been shown that when there is genuine joy and fun involved, our brain works so much more powerfully!




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Tacos on your mind? Not to worry, buying one is easy when you know how to count your money. Understanding money counting and trading is one of the most important skills our children learn as they grow and develop. The GBS Money Skills Game was created to make learning this skill easy and fun.

Dare we say even a bit addictive? Sure it's a great math workout, but there are no exercises here. Just fun and discovery. With captivating colors, custom designed quest/task cards and US dollar resembling money bills, the GBS Money Skills playing experience is made to be adventurous and immersive. Recreating the experience shopping for things we love and need, whilst effortlessly learning how to utilize vital math skills along the way.

My students call me "Teacher Bruce" because one of my primary passions in life is promoting the joy and thrill of learning. The power of inspired and joyful learning is enormous. Throughout my experience as a special education teacher of many years (teaching since 1997, I have seen first hand, just how vital attention is to learning. And whenever we do something we genuinely love, it's effortless to be attentive and alert. Scientific studies show that our brain is most receptive and malleable when we are in a relaxed, easy-going and cheerful state.


With the Grow Brains Systems, I created one of kind game platforms that combines having fun with learning valuable, practical skills together into one experience. During my time as a full-time special education teacher and special olympics coach, I began noticing opportunities to improve how interested my students were in our classes. Over time a game developed that the students absolutely loved (and contributed to!). Eventually, after years and years of improvements and refinements, this game has become the version you see here today!




At GBS, our number one mission is to transform each player’s perspective towards learning and to foster a lifelong authentic curiosity for learning and skill development. We believe our best learning happens when we are having fun and being in the moment. The GBS games are designed to make learning valuable and challenging skills seamless and effortless. When a person (of any age) truly loves what they are doing, they gain access to intellect and abilities that were previously believed impossible by others.